Maguindanao Inaul Spring 2021

Daily Malong
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Inaul means "woven" in Maguindanaoan known for its geometric designs. This has been considered a status symbol and is referred as an object of "Barabangsa" (dignity). It takes about 2-3 weeks to make one of these beauties. These malongs were woven with either tanor (cottony thread), silky rayon or katiyado (super shiny thread). Sometimes a combination of the three. These pieces were handwoven by Babu Normina of Sultan Kudarat.
  • Binitun - Stars
  • Sahaya - A contemporary pattern named after Princess Sahaya from an island in Mindanao
  • Gunsi - A traditional pattern inspired from "gunsi" or keys
  • Kulipis - A traditional pattern meaning "twirl or twirling"
  • Makabimban - A traditional pattern meaning "enticing" due to its vibrant colors
  • Kayupo - A traditional pattern inspired from fern flowers
  • Kinaranda - A traditional pattern inspired from a brassware called "karanda"
  • Dinal'Man - A traditional pattern meaning "to put in a box"
  • Puntak - A traditional pattern meaning "sprinkle"