Farid Guinomla

Abdulfarid Kamensa Guinomla, popularly known as Farid Guinomla, is an award-winning kulintang musician, and a member of the top-rated traditional Maguindanaon music group Datu Piang Kulintang Ensemble.


Farid has an astounding kulintang music heritage.  His mother’s uncle was the prodigy Amal Lemuntod, who as a teenager was recorded for the 1955 Smithsonian Folkways release Music of the Maguindanao in the Philippines.  Farid’s uncle was the great Filipino-American kulintang master Danongan "Danny" Kalanduyan.

Farid Guinomla's well-developed communication and teaching skills are a result of his day job as a community health care nurse.  In recent years, his passion for traditional kulintang music has been shared at cultural exchange events throughout the Philippines. He really looks forward to jamming with the kulintang musicians of America!


Later in his artist career, Farid discovered his passion for fashion and start Datu’s Atelier where he designs different outfits and styles from woven Inaul. He works with several weavers including Babu Dalia and Babu Normina.

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