Inabel Towels

Daily Malong
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Partly Inabel woven towels in variety of colors. Good for beach, wrap towel or even as yoga towel!

Design: Ilocano Inabel from Ilocus Sur, Philippines

Colors: Variety

Measurements: 63.5in. x 29in.


“The Ilocano of northwestern Philippines is well-known for their handweaving, a tradition with ancient roots, with the kapas or cotton as the main material.

They use the pedal loom, locally called pangablan; employ several weaving techniques; and have numerous designs/patterns. Different weaving techniques include the basic plain weave, the double-toned basket weave or binakul, and the multi-heddle weave (binetwagan or tinumballitan), among others. Among the complicated one is the brocade weave or pinilian, which uses sticks inserted on selected warp threads to create designs that float on the threads. 

There are two kinds of pinilian: scattered and continuous supplemementary weft techniques. The weavers of Pinili, Ilocos Norte, are said to be adept in the simultaneous warp and weft-float type of pinilian called the impalagto, a technique unique in the town.” - Tatler Asia