Kalinga Face Masks

Daily Malong
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The designs on these masks are:

Chilayuschus - derived from the word "chayuschus" meaning plain/simple without designs. Color combination: Red (dominant), black and white.  This pattern is typically used during bodong (peace pact) celebrations and other festivities. It is a versatile pattern that can be used for blouses (putut), capes (pokos), bags (kebakeyb), wrap around skirts (kain), kagoy (blankets), head scarves (abungos), head covers (sappayung), loin cloth (be-e) and sashes (takyed). This can also be given as a community token (Lilay) to the partner tribe (Binodngan) after Boddong celebration.

Lilagtob - derived from the word "lagtob" meaning in succession. This is the "eye" design. Color Combination: Red (dominant), Black (dominant), yellow, white. Typically worn during festivities and given as a community token to partner tribe after boddong. 


These were sourced from Tabuk, Kalinga  made by Master Weaver Florence Amily Ao-wat.