Kalinga Wide Brimmed Hat

Daily Malong
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This wide brimmed hat that features Kalinga weaving is sourced from Aunty Florence Ao-wat who is the community leader of Kinwa Etnika in Tabuk, Kalinga.

Kinwa Etnika is on a mission to make weaving traditions sustainable for their livelihood.

”Kalinga weavers utilize indigenous raw materials taken from abaca, cogon, maguey, and banana then braid them with cotton or polyester textile. There are new innovative products finding demand even in international markets that include dining accessories like placemats and table runners. The most usual items produced are sashes, skirts, capes, loincloths, headbands, blouses, blankets, underskirts, pouches, and bags. 

Kalinga weaving was discovered way back in the 18th century. It has continued to evolve through the centuries and has produced the more fashionable style called Ginamat design. Ginamat is a pattern that is twilled and decorated using silk embroidery. “ - Barong Warehouse