Suyam Zip Up Jacket

Daily Malong
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Suyam zip up jackets good as a cardigan or wear on its own is made of Suyam embroidery in the Manobo community in Agusan Del Norte.

In the 80’s in Cabadbaran, Agusan Del Norte, Margarita Recto Abaquita was in a mission to revive the traditional embroidery style of the Manobo called “Suyam.” She started teaching the women in their community to create knowledge and livelihood while rebuilding awareness of Suyam.

Nanay Margarita passed away in 2018 but the community kept the embroidery alive and have attempted to bring Suyam into more modern clothing designs like this cardigan. Now, the ripples from Nanay Margarita’s knowledge is practiced even by the youth that were taught by their mothers who were Margarita’s students.