Inalaman Puffy Sleeve Top

Daily Malong
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This one-of-a-kind top features inalaman, a Yakan weaving style showing diamond shapes. It can be dressed up or down, this versatile piece is a must-have in your closet. This piece is crafted by Master Weaver Evelynda Otong.

“[The Yakan] Known for being highly-skilled, with impressive weaving repertoires, Yakan weavers produce textile with five different kinds of weaving, often differentiated by technique, pattern, and function.

The bunga-sama is a supplementary weft weave, made by using pattern sticks or heddles in the loom to produce the pattern. The colourful striped siniluan is characterised by warp-floating pattern. Saputangan is a square cloth best known for its intricate and rich design, involving optical illusion to create depth in the patterns. The inalaman is made using an elaborate supplementary-weft technique, and often used for women’s wraparound skirt. The pinantupan, which is also used for the wraparound skirt, utilises simple weft pattern arranged in the bands.

The saputangan is an example of a tapestry weave, considered the oldest and most traditional technique in producing ornamented woven textiles, aside from the plain weave technique wherein stripes and plaids are formed.

The saputangan is worn by Yakan women in different ways depending on the occasion such as elen-elen (for everyday wear), hap tabuan (for going to market) and ginuna sipagkawin (worn like a veil when attending a wedding). “ - Tatler Asia